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There’s dissent on my ‘what happened to anders was unforgivable’ post, nothing I didn’t expect, but I really struggle to understand why people actually think his destroying the chantry was such a bad thing. A bad thing yes, but the worst most heinous act ever? No, not really.

If you’re the sort of person who thinks [killing = murder] and [murder = bad] you have already condemned the entire cast of Dragon Age 2, however it only really seems to come up when we’re talking about Anders. Otherwise you would be constantly pointing out on positive Isabela/Fenris even Merrill posts, that their actions are ‘unforgivable’. It’s not a goddamn coincidence. 

And let’s talk specifics here, he’s not blowing up the sweet rustic chantry of Lothering here, he’s destroying a chantry that was once built by the Tevinters (wow look at the symbolism there, why don’t you) that refused to help the poor, and the sick. There is background dialogue in game that confirms this. The closest thing Kirkwall has to a real place of healing and salvation is Anders’ clinic. Chew on that for a few moments please.

He strikes out at the chantry, at the leaders of his own faith, because they have failed him. They have failed every non-entitled soul in Kirkwall. They have stood back and watched for years as people starve and mages are killed or put to the right of tranquillity unjustly. Would you even call these people innocent? 

I personally don’t think literally blowing it up was the best course of action, or the best way to make that statement. But I don’t blame him, I’m not mad, I don’t mourn these people. 

Ironic considering Anders feels guilty. This wasn’t what he wanted. He tried for six years to go through peaceful methods, after he had to mercy-kill his own lover and friend. It’s only when he is completely alone, after seeing the entire mage underground crushed, that he desperately turns to the only thing he could think to do.

If you can still condemn him knowing these things, I have nothing more to say.


Showing my favourite movie to my friends


Back in the days, Wesker’s threats sounded like pick-up lines.


accidental encounter with an out-of-shape apostate on the run. someone is not moved by the hasty ranting.



IGN gave a higher rating to Hatoful Boyfriend than it did for Destiny or The Sims 4, what a time to be alive.